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EDM Carbon allows for seamless connection with several online marketplaces, online shops, shipping companies, accounting software, and electronic POS systems. Have more say over every facet of your online store, from inventory management to shipping. 


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EDM Carbon may connect to any online shop you use, including Amazon, eBay, and others. Also, for your convenience, major shipping companies like Royal Mail, Hermes, and DPD may be integrated, making your life more comfortable and the shipping process smooth and efficient.  

Our roster of collaborators is continually expanding. Some extensions allow for integration with EDM Carbon, while others are offered as add-ons by third parties. Our team is happy to answer all questions and face any challenges. Don’t be shy about getting in contact if you have any inquiries.





One of the most prominent companies in the transportation sector is United Parcel Service. UPS has gained notoriety for its dependability and tracking capabilities. UPS has pros and downsides, despite its convenience and the fact that it is easy to trace packages. 




Whether you need to send an envelope, some freight, or a package across the country or throughout the world, FedEx can help. However, you may still use FedEx as your primary postal service. 




If you’re looking for a reliable cloud service, go no further than Amazon (, which began as an online bookstore, is now a multinational corporation that operates mostly online and specializes in electronic commerce (e-commerce), cloud computing (cloud computing), digital streaming (digital streaming), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

By using a customer-centric, direct-sales model similar to that of Amazon, the firm provides customers with access to a vast selection of items, allowing them to purchase almost everything from apparel to gourmet cuisine to jewelry to home furnishings to pet supplies to electronics to games. 




When it comes to connecting customers and sellers online, eBay was one of the first organizations to do so. In the e-commerce industry, the organization excels in helping sole proprietors and small shops. 

In the digital age, eBay has become the global marketplace. eBay, which has been around since 1995, has provided a robust online marketplace where people and companies can buy and sell almost anything. The number of products available for purchase on eBay is staggering, with millions of listings in hundreds of categories. eBay facilitates commerce on a global scale with regionalized versions of its website. By providing a wide variety of features, including the PayPal payment facility, eBay is facilitating international online trade among a rapidly expanding online population. 




Cdiscount has been around since 1998, when it was founded in Bordeaux, making it the longest continuously operating retailer in France. The company’s marketplace went live in 2011 and has since become one of the most robust in their home market. 

When it comes to merchandise, the French e-commerce website Cdiscount has quite the selection. They sell anything from cultural items to high-tech, IT, home and personal appliances, and even food. 




DHL is a household brand in both the e-commerce and shipping industries. When managing an international e-commerce platform, it’s essential to look for simple and cost-effective options for courier services constantly. And which is the optimal option for you specifically. The marketplace offers a plethora of potential solutions to your problem. Consequently, very few of these choices will live up to your service standards. 

DHL has become the industry standard as the top logistics provider. Across more than 220 countries and territories, our 380,000 employees work hard daily to help you expand internationally. One alternative is to write a letter to someone special. 


Israel Post


Israel’s postal services are provided by the government-owned Israel Postal Company, previously known as the Israel Postal Authority. 

In all, there are 5,000 people working for Israel Post, including 1,650 mail delivery workers and 2,000 postal clerks in 700 post offices around the nation. It has a fleet of 1,000 postal vehicles and 4,262 mailboxes. Daily, over 2.5 million pieces of mail need to be processed.

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