DHL eCommerce Integration 


Find out how EDM Carbon’s DHL multi-channel eCommerce integration can help your business. 


DHL Shipping Management 


Automatically send all orders from your EDM Carbon sales channels to your favorite shipping software. EDM Carbon will update tracking info when you print out your shipping labels.


Connect all your eBay, Amazon, and web stores to EDM Carbon. 


Start producing DHL courier labels faster than ever before. 

Print all your shipping labels from one location and drastically improve your ever-important dispatch time.


Create and print out DHL labels literally in a matter of seconds


When you run a small online company, you continually need to be searching for methods to save time, effort, and money. Printing shipping labels is one of the simplest ways to achieve this goal, and it is one of the most effective ones as well. If you print your own shipping labels, you can save a few seconds and a few of cents on each package, which may make your company more efficient as a whole and free up more time for you to focus on other vital duties. 

EDM Carbon позволяет вам эффективно и относительно легко связать все ваши учетные записи курьеров/почты, чтобы распечатать ваши этикетки из единого унифицированного интерфейса, что отражается в значительной экономии времени, денег и энергии.

Our application adapts to your unique and individual style of working. Let’s assume you use a thermal label printer? Can’t see much of a problem. Perhaps, integrated label paper? Piece of cake. EDM Carbon is extra flexible to efficiently meet and reflect your needs, rather than force you (not to mention the need for extra training involved) to conform to a standard way of operating. 


Quickly ship Multichannel Orders


Create intelligent shipping rules so that your most used services are selected by default 

Ship according to the order value, its size or other dimensions, shipping destination or currency, to name but a few 

Smart filters allow you to create labels based on any metric you like. 

…all of this leads to the quickest order dispatch you’ve ever experienced. 


Reduction in time spent dealing with dispatching related administration, as reported by our users. 


Automate your tracking, and simplify your business. 


Because it lets the recipient know precisely where their package is, what time it is expected to arrive, and who will be delivering it, tracking in real-time is an essential component of the postal processing system. Because our lives are now in a state of perpetual transition, and because in the future it is expected that we will spend more time commuting back and forth between our homes and places of employment, it will be more necessary than ever before to be aware of the precise location of your package. 

Use EDM Carbon to create your DHL courier labels, and when you dispatch an item, we will send the tracking number directly to eBay, Amazon, or your own sales channel with no additional action required from you. Your tracking numbers will become completely automated, leaving absolutely no room for human error and ending all that annoying copying and pasting! 

In general, manual and paper-based incoming parcel management methods may obscure the whereabouts of goods for both the postroom staff and the beneficiaries of the packages. The solution may lie in a comprehensive system that can monitor and locate individual packages. 


Seamless Integration 


EDM Carbon integrates with all of your favorite marketplaces, webstores, and shipping carriers, and our list of integration partners is growing all the time.

Send Orders Received Through Several Methods

Connects to your online shop, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and more, streamlining the process of printing and sending out courier labels and reducing the amount of time spent on shipping.

Delivery as Fast as the Internet

Multi-channel selling may make what should be a quick, simple, and straightforward eCommerce experience seem more like something out of the Stone Age. With EDM Carbon, you can go online again.

Facilitate Shipping Once More

With EDM Carbon, you can handle orders from several sales channels and send them with the same efficiency as when you were just delivering from your website.

Don't waste your time

Customers have reported a 90% decrease in the amount of time spent on dispatch-related administration after using EDM Carbon.