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Discover the ways in which EDM Carbon may assist you in expanding your online consumer base. 


Multi-Channel Retail 


Retailers have a responsibility to make every effort to reach the greatest number of prospective consumers for each product or category of items they carry. This is accomplished by making sure that their items may be purchased via any and all sales channels, regardless of which ones are most favored by the clients they are trying to attract. This kind of retailing is known as multi-channel or omnichannel retailing, and it often comprises selling items via traditional retail locations, online stores, websites, and webstores, as well as online marketplaces. 

There is a significant body of data to support the thesis that traditional store-based retail is experiencing a decline. 

According to research that was published by the BBC not so long ago, this drop may be attributed to six different factors, the transition to internet media being the primary one. The use of catalog-based and conventional methods of distance selling, such as mail orders, has been almost completely supplanted by the use of internet selling. Since the late 1990s, the internet has developed into the method that is both the fastest growing and most popular means for a shop to reach more clients, as well as the method that is undoubtedly the most cost-efficient method of doing so. Online merchants, such as Amazon and nimbler competitors that were faster in implementing eCommerce techniques have taken a significant portion of the market share that was once held by traditional high-street stores. 

According to a study that was conducted by Raymond James in 2017, more than fifty percent of customers now begin their product searches on Amazon. This makes Amazon the default search engine for items, surpassing Google in this regard. Both new and used retail businesses are vigorously competed for by eBay and Amazon, and both companies provide the tools for such shops to keep branded storefronts in a concession-style format inside their respective online markets. 

But in order to attract the greatest number of customers, a retailer needs to make themselves available to those customers no matter where they choose to shop. This necessitates selling products via the retailer’s own webstore in addition to marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and others, including niche markets such as Etsy, Walmart, New Egg, and others. 

However, due to the fact that each sales channel operates in a distinct and fully independent manner, multi-channel online selling sometimes gives merchants the impression that they are not operating one firm but rather a number of businesses. Webstores and online marketplaces are only two names for the same thing: eCommerce web applications. These systems need merchants to handle their product content, listings or advertisements, stock, orders, billing, shipping, and customer contacts independently from one another. This, in turn, generates inefficiency, the duplication of efforts, lost time and money, as well as mistakes, all of which contribute to undermining the happiness of the customer. 


eCommerce Content Optimisation 


A retailer that wants to reach customers online must optimize the product content for each sales channel in order to make the most of the data structures, available descriptive fields, and the means of representing their product pictorially and with video. Only then will the retailer be able to connect with customers online. This guarantees that items can be readily located and that buyers are given the ability to make informed purchasing decisions that are favorable to them. 

EDM Carbon is familiar with the nuances of each sales channel and knows how to best optimize the content format of products for each of these channels. 


Listings or advertisements for an online store


In order for optimized content to reach the client via any of the available sales channels, it must be served up appropriately. This is a significant obstacle due to the fact that every channel has its own product categories and subcategories and that each of these has its own listing templates with various data that need to be supplied. It is necessary to post accompanying photographs and videos to each item, as well as to choose delivery methods and price, and there are many more requirements. 


Listings that have been paid for and ‘boosted.’ 


If a consumer does not actively look for the optimized listing on the relevant sales channel, they will not notice it even if they have it optimized. However, a store may choose to “boost” certain listings in order to increase the number of people who see them and hence the number of consumers they can serve. 

One way to do this manually is to make use of the sponsored advertising options provided by Google Shopping, Amazon, and Priceshopper. 


Managing your Stock 


When a shop makes its items accessible via a greater number of sales channels, they are forced to confront the challenge of effectively managing its stock levels. 

Should they make all of their inventory accessible everywhere at the same time, taking the risk of overselling and the inevitable consumer complaints that would result from this, or should they divide their inventory into many virtual silos, one for each sales channel? If this is the case, then businesses need to be skilled at estimating demand and sell-through or else they run the danger of running out on one channel while losing sales on other channels where they still have stock. The idea is to automate stock management across all sales channels in such a way that it depletes consistently across all when sales are made. This is a difficult decision to make, but in order to maximize consumer reach, all of your stock has to be exposed to potential buyers. 


After Sale 


Once a transaction has been made, businesses that engage in multi- or omnichannel selling are faced with a variety of unwelcome administrative overheads. Orders have to be handled across a number of different software platforms, invoices have to be created either on- or off-system, or a mix of the two, and then they have to be processed into accounting or ERP systems. 

After that, there is the shipment and communication with customers, which may either be done via the on-system message or through email, or both. These are only some of the numerous unintended consequences that arise from endeavoring to serve the greatest number of consumers feasible via multi- or omnichannel retailing, and they all call for the use of specialized retail business process automation software. 

EDM Carbon assists shops in expanding their consumer base by offering a single, fully-integrated system with a single user interface and a single place from which all aspects of an online company may be managed. 

EDM Carbon is the most effective multi-channel retail web application solution that is currently on the market. EDM Carbon is a one-of-a-kind service that assists businesses in acquiring and keeping more consumers, in addition to assisting them in reaching more customers. You won’t have to wait much longer to start enjoying the benefits of your hard work!

Our advantages

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Connect and manage all your sales channels from one place

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Israeli tax invoice

Automatic generation of invoices and other documents via Rivhit and Icount

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View and share your messages with buyers in one place

Easy warehouse management

Simple and convenient management of the balance of goods in your warehouses and stores

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