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Streamline the management of your orders.

Orders from your many online sales channels may now be managed in a single location. You may either process them individually or in bulk, and real-time syncing will occur.

Integrated Channel Order Management System 

Use EDM Carbon’s order CRM system to streamline your omnichannel eCommerce operations.

This Is the Obstacle for Many

When you do all of your business via a single channel, such as eBay, Amazon, or your own website, you’ll have to deal with a cumbersome order management administration that will only become worse as your sales and order volumes expand. 

The growth of your company will bring with it the requirement that you make your wares available to your clientele across a variety of sales channels, as this is the only way to satisfy their purchasing preferences. When it comes to the management of your orders, each and every sales channel brings with it a new system to which you must log in, a new user interface to which you must get used, and a new set of procedures to oversee. Because your orders are stored in a variety of locations, you may sometimes get the impression that you are operating numerous companies at the same time. Reporting and analytics on the state of the business become very challenging, and obtaining a comprehensive picture of the company may seem to be unattainable. 

EDM Carbon’s Order Management Web Application Solution 

EDM Carbon offers a solution to these issues by giving you access to a single, fully-integrated system with a single user interface and a single location from which you can monitor and handle all of your orders, regardless of where they were placed. 

This is possible thanks to EDM Carbon’s seamless integration with your webstore, eBay, Amazon, and a wide variety of other online sales channels. It retrieves your orders from such channels in real-time and synchronizes any modifications you make with the system from whence they originated back to your account.

Our application is a CRM system that will enable merchants to manage their Amazon marketplace, including A+ content. It involves developing new items, managing current products, analyzing and controlling inventories, and handling orders. Importantly, it allows managing communication with and from Amazon buyers. 

Create and Send Sophisticated Invoices

Create a brand, or numerous brands, to sell your products. It is possible to have personalized invoices sent out immediately after an item has been sent. 

Invoicing for Multiple Online Storefronts 

EDM Carbon may help you streamline your eCommerce billing across several channels. 

It’s a Challenge 

Numerous proprietors of small and medium-sized online stores handle every aspect of their operations, from product sourcing to advertising to customer service to order fulfillment. Billing is a critical aspect of every transaction, and it’s easy to imagine in those early days that all you need to do is receive online payment and let PayPal to handle the administration. Lack of adequate invoicing begins to produce problems almost immediately and putting off administrative tasks today just leads to more work tomorrow. 

Many small company owners resort to creating invoices by hand in Excel or Word, but this presents a number of complications, including difficulties with sequential numbering, tax calculations, and correctly allocating transactions. For the independent merchant, the advent of computerized bookkeeping comes with both benefits and drawbacks. 

In general, the invoicing practices of small internet retailers are counterproductive in many ways. These include presenting a less-than-professional image, receiving payments in a timely manner, and maximizing cash flow. To a business owner, all of these things are essential since they help the company continue to succeed and expand. 

Billing System for EDM Carbon 

EDM Carbon is the answer to these issues since it gives you a unified platform from which to handle invoicing for orders placed across many channels and a single user interface from which to access all of your channels’ data. 

This is due to the fact that EDM Carbon can be easily included into your existing sales infrastructure, including your website, eBay, Amazon, and more. You can handle the whole billing procedure quickly, accurately, and comprehensively.

This application will enable customers to create an Israeli tax invoice, shipping labels, print delivery stickers, combine all Israeli delivery services in one application, remember the last delivery company selected, the ability to change courier, and other time-saving features for Israeli sellers. The application is very distinct from the others. It is being created for the Israeli market, which currently lacks such apps.

Stock and Inventory Management

By seamlessly synchronizing inventory across all points of sale, you can maximize sales possibilities and avoid stockouts. 

Inventory Control for a Network of Online Shops 

Keeping track of inventory for several locations? To do this in a snap, EDM Carbon is at your disposal. 

Stock Management Issues 

Even yet, if the growth of your company’s sales volume depends on or is predicated on the use of several sales channels, you will be forced to open up shop in more than one physical storefront. Given this, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to have a streamlined system for keeping track of your stock and managing your inventory across all of your sales channels, whether you’re operating a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce site, an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay, or some combination of these. 

In addition, the key to maximizing sales across all channels is to make your inventory visible on as many platforms as possible. If inventory levels are not tracked and adjusted in real-time, however, overselling and unhappy customers are possibilities. Having stock spread out over several virtual warehouses also increases the risk of failing to satisfy the demands of your most valuable clients. 

Overall, you should see your goods as a unified whole and make it available through as many channels as feasible. Using stock-keeping-unit (SKU) numbers and real-time stock management from the get-go can help you avoid common issues with stock control. As a result, the availability will be shown across all platforms in real-time after a sale. This will be a breeze if your outlet count is low and your sales volume is low. But when your firm grows, keeping track of inventory may become a headache. 

EDM Carbon’s Inventories Administration System 

All of these problems are done away with by EDM Carbon since it is a centralized platform for controlling stock. What I mean is a single location where stock for all of your locations can be monitored and updated. 

That’s why EDM Carbon can hook up with your e-commerce site and other platforms like Amazon and eBay without any trouble. It not only handles stock levels at each site in real-time but also instantaneously syncs any changes across all of your locations.

Get Your Goods to Market More Rapidly Than Ever

Quickly make and print courier shipment labels. Finally, you may scan the labels to immediately update marketplaces like eBay and Amazon on your shipment status. 

eCommerce Distribution through Multiple Channels 

EDM Carbon can streamline your eCommerce shipping operations across several channels. 

This Is The Obstacle 

Prompt choosing, packaging, dispatch, and delivery of items to your client are the icing on the cake, if not the most crucial part, of every transaction. It’s the point at which the customer forms their opinion of your service, second only to the quality of the product itself. There must be a focus on swiftness and precision. 

Handling orders from various sales channels is far more difficult and time-consuming than dealing with orders from a single channel. To access your orders, you must first log in to many systems, each of which has its own unique set of processes, user interface, and authentication requirements. The first step is to print labels, create invoices, and apply any applicable shipping policies. After that, all orders across all platforms will receive shipment confirmation, customer messages, and tracking data. 

Because of this complexity, your productivity suffers, there are more opportunities for mistakes and delays, and the quality of service your customers get is diminished. Because of this, your seller rating will suffer, which might have a negative impact on future transactions. Online stores risk failure if their delivery processes are not well-managed. 

The Shipping Answer from EDM Carbon 

EDM Carbon is the answer because it gives you a unified system with a unified interface from which to handle the shipment of orders across all of your channels. 

This is due to the fact that EDM Carbon may be easily integrated with your existing e-commerce infrastructure. To put it another way, it helps you keep track of everything involved in the shipping process and make sure everything is done on time and correctly.

In addition, the program will enable you to monitor and manage shipping information, prepare tax papers in order to comply with tax regulations, and do all essential computations. Furthermore, the application that we are building will be quite distinct from the current ones. First and foremost, it is being developed for the Israeli market, which currently lacks such applications.

Simple Administration of Customer Messages

Enhance communication and feedback while reducing wasted time. Use only one inbox to keep track of all of your communications from eBay and Amazon. 

Multi-Channel eCommerce Messaging 

Using EDM Carbon will make your eCommerce message on eBay and Amazon more simpler. 

This Creates an Obstacle and Sets the Challenge 

Customers who shop for goods and services online often consider the effectiveness and timeliness of the vendor’s communication as one of the most essential aspects of their overall shopping experiences. In addition to this, the speed with which a seller responds to messages is a significant factor in determining their overall ratings and feedback scores. However, many online retail customer relationships are plagued by problems such as a lack of response, late responses, repeated answers, or inaccuracies in the linkage of customers or orders. 

When vendors sell their products through a single sales channel, the process of picking up, reading, and responding to customer messages can be time-consuming. However, when vendors sell their products through multiple sales channels, the process of picking up, reading, and responding to customer messages becomes a laborious process that involves logging in to multiple web applications, downloading and refreshing messages, searching through message threads, and negotiating character limits. This is the stuff of nightmares. 

To make things even more difficult, if you need to dig up client orders or contact history before taking action, the procedure might be pretty complicated indeed, requiring you to go between many pages and menus. This makes the situation much more difficult. Imagine if you were in charge of managing your email and other forms of communication in this manner. It is not surprising that messages are overlooked and that mistakes are made on a regular basis. 

The vast majority of us have become used to unified messaging, in which a single piece of platform is used to draw on all of our messaging accounts and repositories, presenting them and making it possible for us to engage with and respond to messages from a single user interface. Therefore, given how much is at risk, why is it that the same result cannot be accomplished using texting for eCommerce? 

EDM Carbon’s eCommerce Messaging Solution 

The eCommerce messaging feature of EDM Carbon provides a solution to these issues by giving you access to a single, fully-integrated system with a single user interface and a single place from which you can handle messages sent to and received from all of your outlets. 

This is possible thanks to EDM Carbon’s seamless integration with your webstore, as well as eBay and Amazon. It provides you the ability to handle communication with your customers in a quick, effective, and accurate manner. 

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