Amazon Multi-Channel eCommerce Integration 


Streamline the management of your Amazon orders. 


Bring all of your orders from Amazon, eBay, and your webstore into an one interface so that you can conveniently manage the whole process of fulfilling those orders. 

Because of the ease of use provided by our platform, our customers have reported a decrease of up to 90 percent in the amount of time they spend processing orders. Our top-of-the-line application doesn’t make what ought to be an easy endeavor more complicated than it has to be. 


Simple administration of the whole Amazon Library


Using EDM Carbon, you may sell the same goods on Amazon, eBay, and on your own webstore all at the same time. 

Because we connect all of your inventories together, the stock level will be updated wherever once one of your products is sold. 

When you link your sales channels and synchronize your eCommerce listings, the process just takes a few seconds. 

Every linked listing is put on hold until the previous one has been sold via one of the channels. 


Ship items more quickly than ever before 


You may save yourself time and effort by connecting your account and printing all of your labels from a single, unified interface. The finest Amazon shipping management tool available allows you to create intelligent shipping rules and use complex filters, which speeds up the process of creating labels for your packages. 

You didn’t find the service that you employ here, did you? Get in contact with us if you want us to include it! 


Create and Send Professional Billing Statements 


Using EDM Carbon, you may sell the same goods on Amazon, eBay, and on your own webstore all at the same time. 

Start sending out invoices automatically right away by using one of our pre-designed templates as your starting point. Utilize our system to add your company’s logo, and then get started developing your own brand instead of using Amazon’s. 

If you provide all of your Israeli VAT numbers, regardless of where your business is registered, EDM Carbon will intelligently determine the appropriate rate of VAT to apply to each and every order and utilize it accordingly. Please be aware that in order to cater to the specific demands of the Israeli market, our product has been meticulously developed to take into account all applicable regulations and standard operating procedures in the manufacturing sector. 

Even if Amazon is handling the fulfillment of your sales, you may take advantage of all these VAT invoicing advantages by bringing your FBA orders into the system. 


Simple administration of messages for Amazon 


In order to read and keep track of messages that are sent to and from users, EDM Carbon is completely linked with the messaging systems used by Amazon and eBay. You may raise the pleasure of your customers, which will eventually lead to a rise in both their feedback and the seller metrics that you get. 

After receiving a message, we will discover all orders made by that user. This ensures that when you come to read the message, we will be able to connect you straight to the order they are referring to, as well as any order they have ever placed in the past. 


Complete and Effortless Integration 


EDM Carbon is able to link with all of your preferred marketplaces, webstores, and shipping providers, and the number of companies that we work with to provide integration is continuously rising.

Listing imported products

Because we want to create the gold standard when it comes to listing tools, we don’t want to cut any corners. We want to make sure the new feature is as comprehensive as it can possibly be – so that it has everything you need to easily list products to every channel in one click.

The Synchronization of Stocks in Real Time

The EDM Carbon inventory management system integrates all of your merchandise. So, when a sale is made somewhere, its stock level is updated in real-time across all channels.

Bringing back simple order taking...

With EDM Carbon’s order management tools, you can centralize all of your orders in one place and manage them with a single interface, streamlining the whole order processing workflow.

Instances of Order Monitoring

When you print shipping labels using EDM Carbon, the tracking number is automatically sent to your online marketplace account.