Cdiscount eCommerce Multi-Channel Integration 


Streamline your Cdiscount order management.


Bring all of your orders from your website, Cdiscount, eBay, and Amazon into one interface so you can handle them fast and efficiently from start to finish. 

The fact that some of our clients have reported lowering the amount of time spent processing orders by up to 90% is a tremendous testament to the simplicity of use of our system. 

Our program is really the best in its class, and it does not make what should be a simple task more complicated than it has to be. 


Effortless management of your whole Cdiscount collection 


You will be able to take advantage of automatic sales if you use EDM Carbon to interface your webshop or any environment that supports e-commerce with your Cdiscount account. 

You may use EDM Carbon to sell the same items on Cdiscount, Amazon, eBay, and your own website all at the same time. 

Because we connect all of your inventories, whenever one of your items is sold, the stock level will be instantly updated wherever it is shown. 

When you accomplish each of those things, it just takes a few seconds to link your sales channels and synchronize your web store’s product listings. 

Each subsequent linked listing will be held until the previous one has been successfully sold via one of the channels. 


Send your packages faster than ever before. 


By linking your courier to EDM Carbon and printing all of your labels from a single interface that encompasses all of their capabilities, we save you both time and work. You may speed up the label creation process by using the most efficient eBay shipping management system available, which includes smart shipping rules and strong filters. 

You didn’t find the service you’re looking for here, did you? Please email us if you want it included! 


Make and distribute professional billing statements. 


You may use EDM Carbon to sell the same items on Cdiscount, Amazon, eBay, and your own website all at the same time. 

Our platform that integrates marketplaces saves a lot of time, which frees you up to focus on expanding your business rather than managing administrative tasks.

Using one of our pre-designed user-friendly templates is a quick way to get started, and you can start producing automatic VAT receipts right away. Most importantly, in compliance with official Israeli criteria and norms. 

Create your own brand from the bottom up by utilizing our invoice generator and your company’s logo. 

When you enter all of your VAT numbers, EDM Carbon will automatically calculate the right rate/percentage of value-added tax (VAT) to apply to each and every order, regardless of the nation in which you are registered. In our instance, it is totally compliant with the Israeli market, with all official standards rigorously satisfied and included. 


Cdiscount message management is simple and straightforward


EDM Carbon is fully linked with eBay and Amazon messaging systems, enabling it to read and monitor the conversations you have with your consumers. This improves both your sufficient response time and your clients’ happiness, which finally improves both your feedback and the basic requirements you establish for yourself as a seller. 

It is essential that all information be communicated. It must communicate all of the information required by the audience. The individual giving the message is accountable for evaluating the recipient’s perspective and, crucially, changing how and when they give it effectively. 

When you get a message or other correspondence, we go a step further and identify everything, even small, orders the user has ever made. This dramatically improves process efficiency. As a result, when you read and comprehend the message, we link you to the order that they are referring to, as well as any previous orders that they have made. 


The Way It Should Be: Complete and Effortless Integration 


EDM Carbon can connect with all of your favourite marketplaces, webstores, and shipping suppliers, and the list of firms with whom we collaborate to enable connectivity is always growing.

Listing imported products

Our first priority for listing functionality was released for initial beta testing in the first week of March. It allows you to take a product you’ve imported into your EDM Carbon account and list it out to Cdiscount with just a few clicks.

Don’t waste your time

EDM Carbon automatically changes stock levels across all sales channels in real-time, so you don’t have to spend time maintaining them.

Improved velocity

Faster order processing and shorter transit times are the results of standardizing on a single platform and a single manner of handling customer requests.

One system, several sales channels

By consolidating the billing and shipping of orders from several distribution channels into a single facility, you may use many different shipping services to get them to their customers faster.